Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Cryptic Code at our Nation's Capital?

 While visiting our Nation's Capital to attend the 20th Anniversary reunion of people who worked at the Pentagon after the 9/11/2001 attacks, I walked around on the northeast side of the Capitol building and noticed something interesting about the columns on the east side.  At the entrances to the Senate and Congress chambers there were a total of 22 columns along the front of the buildings. The columns were arranged in two rows, 8 in the front and 14 in the back for a total of 22.  At that moment I suddenly realized these were numbers I had seen before. Almost exactly 2 years ago I published my book Cryptic Code of the Templar‘s in America: Origins of the Hooked X.  One of the most important discoveries I wrote about was what I call the Cryptic Code of the sacred numbers on the Kensington Rune Stone (8, 10, 12, 14 & 22) which turned out to be the exact same numbers in the Select Master ritual in the York Rite Cryptic Council degrees of Freemasonry.  At this Point, I would implore those interested in learning more about my previous findings about the Cryptic Code on the Kensington Rune Stone to read my previous blog post here: 

Could the same Cryptic Code numbers be here at the capital symbolically hidden within these beautiful columns?  It didn’t take long to figure out the answer was an emphatic, yes!  If we take a step back, we realize these sacred numbers are found within the ancient Hebrew mysticism of the Tree of Life. This tree is comprised of 10 spheres that create 22 paths for a total of 32 emanations with the hidden 11th sphere creating the 33rd emanation.  

Digging a little deeper into the Kabbalah we realize it is part of the spiritual journey people follow who embrace the Hebrew mystical tradition.  That journey includes taking note of human anatomy.  One of the things learned is that most humans have 32 vertebrae in our spinal column, with the 33rd bone and the highest level being the human skull.  When we look closer at the human skull, we learn it is comprised of 8 bones in the cranium, and 14 in the face for a total of 22 bones!

This knowledge serves as the basis for the Cryptic Code found on the Kensington Rune Stone, but is it really here at our Nation's beautiful Capitol building?  As I walked around the structure I noticed on the north and south sides of both Congress and the Senate wings, there are a total of 10 columns on each side and, 10 more columns on the south side of each wing. Could this be analogous to the two 10's within the Kensington Rune Stone inscription; “10 man read from blood and death”, and “10 men by the sea with our ships?”

At this point, we have the numbers 8, 10, 14 and 22, but what about the sacred number 12?  Keep in mind, if we add eight goths plus 22 Northman, we get 30.  The next number in the inscription is 2 for “2 shelters” which gives us a total of 32.  The next line in the rune stone inscription is “…one days journey north from this stone.”  Adding 1 to 32 gives us a total of 33.  Could these same numbers be here at the Capitol as well?  Sure enough they are.

It was then that I looked up at the Capitol dome and noticed the top level has 12 columns!  Why 12? The answer appears to be consistent with the cryptic code on the Kensington Rune Stone because there are a total of 12 lines of text, 9 on the face side plus 3 on the split side.  To complete the Cryptic Code sequence of numbers we still need a 3, or (2 + 1).  Upon reflection it seemed the three remaining pillars  could entail two possibilities, one symbolic, the other tangible.  

Could two pillars of our government represented in this building be the missing pieces?  It seemed the House and Senate could be the symbolic choices for the missing number 2.  

The other more tangible aspect involves the Capitol dome in this magnificent building.  There are two levels of pillars, 36 columns on the first level and 12 on the second level of columns near the top.  Could this be the symbolic number 2 in the Cryptic Code?

Everything seemed to be falling into place except for the last piece.  Where is that 33rd column that corresponds to the highest level of the Scottish Rite degrees, and the highest level of knowledge and enlightenment attained within the spiritual journal pursued through the Hebrew Kabbalah Tree of Life?  The answer was obvious and stands proudly at the top of the Capitol dome, the lone statue of Persephone, also called Freedom, the Sacred Feminine, who has forever been called "Wisdom."  She is that 33rd degree pillar at the symbolic pinnacle of our Nation’s Capitol.


  1. Fantastic deduction - and a demonstration of the long road to wisdom

    1. Erling,

      Glad you enjoyed the discovery. You should receive the package of books any day and I hope you will read more about the Cryptic Code in the coming days. Lots more to discuss!

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    1. Stink Lip Noodle,

      Thanks, but the amazing work was done by the designers and architects of our amazing Capitol city!

  3. My husband knows where in durango mexico la sierra madre real gold and his grandfather showed him this.and there was lots of tools buried by ancient indians

  4. Are similar design elements found in the original Capitol building? Or, do you suggest that this has been a 'work in progress'? Influenced by war damage, personnel requirements, and aesthetic issues that arose from other construction requirements?

    Is it possible that the same group that faked the KRS also had ties and influences on the Capitol building?

    1. Unknown,

      You lost all credibility with stating the KRS is fake. You're done.

  5. With all due respect, Scott, why should the average Joe on the street care about this stuff? I get that it's interesting finding these number combinations hidden in plain sight, but it's not really all that surprising that a designer would "sign" a creation by strategically placing some secret symbolism here or there, is it?

    Outside of the Masonic Lodge, what should these types of discoveries mean for me? It just doesn't seem that astonishing that blue prints created by Masons for an important public building built by Masons might include some inside "jokes" recognizable only to Masons.

    My own father builds high-end commissioned wooden furniture. He "signs" and dates all of his work not by carving his name into it, but by using certain measurements and geometry on some of the flourishes that anyone familiar with his work would instantly recognize but that would fly over the head of the casual observer.

    Why should the average person care? What does it mean to us?


  6. Che,

    There are lots of reasons for the average Joe to care about a discovery like this. First, it's an opportunity to learn about esoteric knowledge that is ancient and sheds light on the what the early cultures understood and cared about. Second, it's yet another piece of evidence that further confirms the authenticity of the Kensington Rune Stone from a completely different and previously unknown avenue.

    This discovery is important for it helps us understand there is a common origin to the mysteries incorporated within this "Cryptic Code" that dates back to the Old Testament.

    Frankly, everyone should be not just interested, but excited about this discovery and what it means to all of us. It sheds new light on the mindset of Founding Fathers and those who followed in their footsteps. It's really cool stuff and if it doesn't interest you, then I find that really sad...

  7. Scott,

    I saw an interview you did where you said this was a place you would answer questions. I know this may be off topic to your post, but I really have to ask you. Why has nobody made the connection between the UAP mystery and nuclear fusion energy?

    I've heard you and many others claim humanity is reaching a potential doomsday scenario. This has in ways been widely known since the 1970's as far as population growth and sustainability. We've also been in a doomsday scenario with nuclear weapons for longer than that. Most people conclude we either need to use less energy or reduce population growth, but there is a third option. Nuclear fusion energy has been known by scientists since we developed the bomb to be the holy grail of energy. It would create energy without radioactive fuels or waste. The energy would be clean cheap and sustainable. It would usher in a new era. It would fuel progress and prosperity. The energy could be decentralized and de-escalate international tensions. Wars over fossil fuels and clean water would become a thing of the past. Lastly it would remove the need for fission processing, which is basically just a cover for nuclear weapons processing. It would decouple the military industrial complex from energy production.

    Fusion energy has been grossly overlooked and underfunded for far too long. As I watch people speculate about time travel and anti-gravity propulsion, I'm stuck wondering why there is no excitement about the well known and more likely to master fusion energy. It's the next logical technological progression after the nuclear bomb yet here we are almost 100 years later apparently forgetting to even work on it. Fusion energy is not impossible. It's practical and well understood physics. It's simply an engineering challenge nobody will fund. If it was properly funded we would've solved it by now. The numbers don't lie. Look into it yourself.

    I want to add that if there is ET's they likely have fusion energy and the mastery of such technology is likely a known issue. If life is ubiquitous and evolves similarly as insinuated, then every advanced civilization likely goes through a nuclear period. It's a period where the technology is so great the society will either destroy itself or create a truly sustainable society. The energy we could produce would allow us to cost effectively plasma incinerate all trash and separate it elementally for industrial re-processing, which is the only way to actually recycle. Additionally, interplanetary travel is not likely in any substantive way without nuclear propulsion technology. Perhaps engineering space-time is possible, but we are far from understanding this. My point is that if there are ET's they may be aware that there is little reason to be too interested in us until we figure out how to master this technology on our own. If we can't figure out how to create an advanced sustainable and interplanetary society on our own, then we don't deserve to even sit at the kids table.

    1. Just making sure your using the correct terms for your topic. And if I would hazard a guess there is no proof as to what shut down missle silos in the 1960's. Just MP's that mention the orbs are back. But if UAP/UFO's are real (most likely) then research the fluxliner. Now back to my Scottish Rite research.
      Nuclear Fission Works Fine, But Not Fusion. Here's Why
      We have plenty of nuclear fission reactors, but not a successful fusion reactor. What's the difference?

      It's All About Mass and Energy
      Why Is Fission Better Than Fusion?
      Why Is Fusion Better Than Fission?

  8. I've heard from a couple different sources (no evidence sited) that perhaps the Templars were "reborn" as Scottish Rite Masonry. OTSI had a guest on their podcasts that mentioned it. White Lotus on YouTube had a guest that also mention this. So I'm curious. You having been a member for a few years more then me in The Craft, which would you say ties more closely with your Templar research? The Chivalric orders or the Scottish Rite?
    Bro J.
    P18, ID

  9. Your source is a good example of the problem. It doesn't understand the topic. Fusion energy is hands down better than fission and the attitude that it's too difficult is frankly lazy. Check my sources.

    If you look at the list of scientific papers funded by AATIP 4 of the papers are on fusion energy with 2 being aneutronic and one 1 for propulsion.

  10. Hello Scott,

    You are missing the key and by far the most important alignments. Here in the next few weeks after some other stuff is done, I will come back and share it with you. My mind is currently focused elsewhere.

    Wishing you good health,

    Anthony G.

  11. Hello Scott,

    I'm not going to go into a great amount of detail as this pertains to other things. You should look into where the Milky Way is located on certain days. Aligned with the Washington Monument is the "Glory of the Father" so to speak. Symbolically this is the star Spica held in the hand of Virgo. At the other end is the alignment with the dome or more precisely symbolic breast spurting milk. The structure also symbolizes the star Regulus in the constellation of Leo. This is symbolically the young God biting down on the breast of the goddess. Part of the reason you keep coming up with the same numbers is the Milky Way is also the Tree of Life. There is more to this but I didn't come here to write a book. I will say that I would have loved to been alive in America at a certain point in Time to witness the sun rise out of and then set back into the Milky Way. The special occasion when the sun and moon align at each end would be pretty cool too.

    Anthony G.

  12. Hola Scott !!
    Tengo algo en México algunos símbolos que pueden ser de lis templarios
    Como hago para mandarle fotos?

  13. En ese correo le envio fotos y videos?