Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Sacred Numbers of 8 and 22

Many who have read my previous post about the Ritual Code were understandably confused.  It's not easy stuff to follow even if you are a Freemason who's gone through the York Rite degrees.  The reality of the message being filled with secret messages, codes, symbolism and allegory makes perfect sense only it was carved by a medieval Cistercian monk as the factual evidence has pointed to all along.  The problem for researchers and scholars is the Kensington Rune Stone suddenly appeared out of nowhere and completely out of context with regard to the understanding of the known history in 1898.  Those scholars have struggled mightily with the strange symbols and confusing message that has taken almost 120 years to begin to understand. 

However, as we now move closer to understanding what the anomalies mean, as well as a better understanding of the untold pre-Columbian history of North America, the Kensington Rune Stone is finally finding its true and rightful place.  It must now be accepted as a land claim put down by the medieval Templar's who embraced the ancient ideology of Monotheistic Dualism, to establish a "free state" where people can move, think, worship their God, and speak freely.  The rune stone was the beginning of the founding of the United States begun by the Templar's and then successfully completed by their direct ideological descendants; Freemasonry.

The mission to establish this free state was certainly considered a sacred act, or a "Covenant" if you will.  It was of utmost importance and demanded extreme secrecy and loyalty.  With all of this in mind, we (my wife Janet and Alan Butler) were thinking about the Ritual Code numbers again when something occurred to us.  In their new book, "America: Nation of the Goddess," Janet and Alan explained how our Founding Fathers used the megalithic yard to lay out the entire city of Washington, D.C.  The megalithic yard is a sacred, ancient measurement calculated using the movements of the planet Venus and a 366 degree circle verses 360 degrees, to consistently and accurately determine its length of 2.72 feet.  While discussing the relevance of the megalithic yard and the Kensington Rune Stone numbers, it dawned us to do a simple calculation; what happens when you divide 22 by 8?  The answer shook us to our core, 2.75 feet.  Even though it wasn't exactly the same it was close enough to make a reasonable connection and to wonder if the allegory and coded information was intended to acknowledge the presence of the Creator to guide and protect the vitally important land claim of the land the medieval Templar's likely viewed as their eventual sanctuary.  For those who would like to read more about how a certain group of Freemasons  calculated the megalithic yard in the late 19th Century in Washington, D.C., click here: http://www.nationofthegoddess.com/the-summerhouse.html

While pondering the significance of all this something else popped into my head that prompted me to pull out a tape measure and stretch it across the length of the full-sized cast I have of the artifact.  it measure 31 inches long...  

This recently discovered Icelandic Manuscript from, circa 1700, shows the numerical values of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Notice the symbol of the first letter, “aleph,” is a Hooked X.  The symbol used for the “a” Sound on the Kensington Rune Stone is also a Hooked X. (Internet)
The Maltese cross worn by the medieval order of the Knights Templar has eight points, the Newport Tower sits on eight stone columns and the Hennepin Avenue Lutheran Methodist Church in Minneapolis incorporates octagonal architecture.  8 in Hebrew mysticism is considered the number of Deity.