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America Unearthed "Grand Canyon Treasure"

Already I'm getting good suggestions about how to locate the cave in the Grand Canyon.  They are good ideas, but were not practical or possible given the limited time the America Unearthed crew and I had there.  However, that doesn't mean we couldn't try rafting in below the spot where the cave is in the future.  Once located, a climb could then be organized once you know where you're going.  Others have suggested using a camera-equipped drone to find the entrance, also is a great idea.  The issue there is the area below the rim is a no-fly zone, but maybe drones are OK?  Isn't the best way to alleviate suspicion is for the government to be completely open and allow an investigation?  Stay tuned.

As far as Burrows Cave goes, I have to admit that I'm not optimistic.  In fact, I did check out both areas circled on Harry's map.  The problem is that even though I couldn't find an entrance, it was so overgrown I could have walked right over it.  I am also skeptical about the artifacts, some I know for sure are fakes.  There could very well be some that are real, but the fakes have polluted the whole collection in my opinion.  Those fans who are interested in reading more about these other fakes should check out my latest book, Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X.

The biggest problem with Burrows Cave is Russell Burrows.  Based on the factual evidence we have so far, the Isis Stone being a 100% fake casts a long dark shadow over Russell's claim.  Russell says he cares about history, but if he really did he would have taken skeptical academics to the site and shut them up.  But it appears he is planning to take his secret to the grave leaving historians with no other choice but to conclude it was all a hoax.  A man with honor would have come forward long ago.

In other news

Don't miss this great blog post by Norman Byrd

"Scott Wolter is the forensic geologist. He's not too satisfied with the idea that Columbus was the first European to discover the Americas or with the notion that other ancient cultures didn't at some time venture forth and have commerce with areas that are now located in the US. As he notes in the promotional video clip for the show, 'Sometimes history isn't what we've been told.'"

"And who knows? Scott Wolter could be correct. There could have been several cultural incursions into the Americas that pre-date the landing of Columbus. Besides, Native Americans still take exception to the story that Christopher Columbus "discovered" America -- when millions of Americans were already here when he arrived."

Here's the link to Norman's blog post.

Scott, Heather and Jerry prepare to take off for Grand Canyon

Heather lands her chopper next to the rim of the Grand Canyon as Colin Thrienen films the action.

Colin Thrienen chuckles while Harry and Scott clown with the artifacts.

Committee Film's crew in Steve's field where some believe Burrow's Cave lies hidden.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

America Unearthed Vikings in America

America Unearthed Vikings in America

It's the morning after and already I'm receiving a flood of emails, including from academics, that it's an outrage the Noman's Land Island Rune Stone is not being rescued.  This situation is similar to the Narragansett Rune Stone which is now in a  temporary secure location until a permanent structure can be built to preserve and protect the artifact for future study.  The same thing needs to happen with the Noman's Land stone.  My understanding is an effort was started by residents on Martha's Vineyard, but it was squashed by the current State Archaeologist of Massachusetts, Brona Simon, a known opponent of anything suggesting pre-Columbian contact.  Why she would have any objection to preserving what could very likely be a vital artifact of ancient American History is beyond me.  The time to get that stone out of the surf and into a secure location is now!

Nancy Millwood's stone is almost certainly genuine, but I don't think it's Viking in age.  I suspect it's more likely medieval, probably carved sometime between 1200-1500 A.D.  It reminds me of the Kensington and Spirit Pond rune Stones as it is filled with strange characters and numerous dotted runes.  Like those inscriptions, the Millwood Rune Stone doesn't fit the standard runic traditions of Scandinavia, so understandably their translation was inconclusive.  I was told that whoever tried to translate it (I still do not know who it was) eventually punted and said, " was probably modern."  Why couldn't they have just said, "I don't know" and left it at that?  That's OK too.

It's interesting that the inscription we featured that's certainly genuine, (although I suspect all three are) the Heavener Stone was by far the longest journey for a Norse party to travel.  The route I like the best that we didn't suggest, taking the St. Lawrence southwest to the Allegheny River, then west on the Ohio to the Mississippi, would have been the shortest route.  Regardless, the Heavener inscription stands as a testament that whatever Norse party carved it obviously got there.

Letter from a fan of America Unearthed:

To Scott Wolter & the America Unearthed team,

"The Viking Episode of America Unearthed was one of your best. I haven't been able to see every episode, but this one and last week's at the wall in Texas were excellent. It's beyond me why scientists could (finally, begrudgingly) accept that Vikings made it as far west as L'ance Aux Meadows, but in no way could have gone from L'ance Aux Meadows down to Northeastern America. As the one gentleman said, they had already travelled 1,300 miles, and getting to Martha's Vineyard from L'ance Aux Meadows is only another 1,200.

My favorite part of this episode of America Unearthed was Birgitta saying directly that L'ance Aux Meadows looked like a staging site for further exploration. Slam dunk.

Also, regarding the Smithsonian Institute not cooperating with anything that looks like ancient navigation to North America, didn't they lose some artifacts from the Bat Creek site in Tennessee?

Scott please keep up the great work on America Unearthed.


Scott and Birgitta inside the sod house at Lance Aux Meadows on June 12, 2013.

Somehow I was able to break off a chuck from this small iceberg for a round of drinks for the crew with special ice that floated all the way from Greenland.

Scott feeling very proud of his million year-old Greenland ice from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Scott Wolter of America Unearthed Studies Rock Wall, Texas Mystery

I'm Scott Wolter of America Unearthed. I'm a forensic geologist. Learn more about Forensic Geology here. My mission is to travel North America looking for unusual artifacts and mysterious sites.

Perhaps the website says it best, "In Season 2 of America Unearthed, host Scott Wolter continues his mission of using hard science and intuitive theories to explain the most mysterious artifacts and sites in America. Following many leads from viewers, Wolter explores everything from modern-day mysteries at the Denver Airport and pre-Columbian contact theories to tales of treasure in the Grand Canyon and legends involving storied artifacts like the Ark of the Covenant. What Wolter unearths continues to prove there are plenty of secrets buried in America’s past." click here to see the website

Scott Wolter of America Unearthed travels to Rock Wall, Texas

I have to say the that I had never heard of the Rock Wall mystery prior to being informed about our making the episode. I wasn't all that excited at first, but filming this show turned out to be one of the most interesting geological phenomenon investigations I have ever done. When the excavation was first exposed I knew it was natural and not manmade. However, I was genuinely puzzled how it formed until I was able to spend some time looking at it. The geological setting that resulted in fluid sand at depth rising up through fractures in the overlying hardened clay was unique to say the least. The sand eventually was hardened by calcite into a dense and hard rock. What was truly amazing is how the fractures that formed within sandstone "wall" made it look just like stone blocks in a masonry wall. What looked like mortar between the stone blocks was actually sandy-clay from the surrounding rock that had squeezed between blocks. The result of Mother Nature's clever handiwork created a meandering wall that truly looks like the colossal work of an ancient lost civilization.

I want to thank Dr. John Geissman at the University of Texas in Dallas, for being such a good sport and providing the magnetization testing of the core samples we obtained in the "Big hole." He did a great job on camera and an even better job generating the magnetic "DNA of the rock" data in his lab. Thanks to his help we were able to get the critical data that helped us reach the proper conclusion.

As I said on the show, the City of Rockwall has much to be proud of. I like to tease my friends from Texas, but truth is the people down there could not have been more friendly and fun. Take it from me, they really do things "big" in Texas and that includes the Rock Wall!

America Unearthed

Scott Wolter and Dr. John Geissman at the Rock Wall dig site after the final wrap for the episode.

America Unearthed with Scott Wolter
Cameramen Colin Thrienen and Brandon Bouley shoot from the bucket of the backhoe over the Rock Wall dig site.

America Unearthed Crew Committee Films and Scott Wolter
The Committee Films crew pose on a fire truck at the Fate City Fire Station in Texas.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why Scott Wolter Needs to Blog

The truth is, I have been too busy to manage a blog.

After thinking this over, I decided that it would be helpful for fans of the show America Unearthed to be able to interact with Scott Wolter (using my own name to help get Google hits) in a controlled environment. There are certainly enough other bloggers out there hoping to sway opinion about me, my work and the show. It's time Scott Wolter represented himself.

America Unearthed just began it's 2nd season with the Ark of the Covenant episode Saturday, November 30th.  Although I won't be writing about any upcoming shows for obvious reasons, I will respond to questions about those that have already aired.

I decided to create this blog to address appropriate questions, comments and concerns.  If you plan to try and post negativity such as personal attacks, insults, or slurs, don't bother.  It won't be posted and there are other avenues on the web for that crap.  I'm happy to engage anyone who disagrees with an idea or theory as long as they bring evidence or factual support to the discussion.  You are certainly welcome to not like the show or Scott Wolter, that is certainly your right.  Just do us all a favor and tell someone else who might want to hear your opinion.

If you've found an interesting artifact or site, this is NOT the place to let me know details of that. Best bet is to contact me via

I take a lot of photos. I'll be posting them here. Under each blog post and photo, you will see a copyright line. Please respect the content and adhere to the rules of copyrights.

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