Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Templars Knew How to Calculate Longitude

The Newport Tower

In Hoc Signo Vinces Stone

The Narragansett Rune Stone

Cistercian Abbey Ruins in Cumberland, Rhode Island

The Westford Knight Bronze Statue

The Westford Boat Stone

The Tyngsboro Map Stone

The Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone
Pat Shekleton passed along these pages of early notations of latitude AND longitude in degrees/minutes form from a manuscript dated to 1515. 


As I was writing in my new book about possible connections with old mysterious artifacts and sites that have intrigued us for a long time, I stumbled upon something I think is very important. Bill Mann deserves credit for putting the "Templar Meridians" into my head in the first place and in his 2006 book pointed out the 72 degree meridian these points seem to be connected with. Check out what the Google Earth longitudes are for these things places: 

Newport Tower
(71.19 W)
In Hoc Signo Vinces Stone
(71.19 W)
Narragansett Rune Stone
(71.24 W)
Cistercian Monastery in Cumberland
(71.24 W)
Westford Knight & Hooked X
(71.26 W)
Westford Boat Stone
(71.28 W)
Tyngsboro Map Stone
(71.25 W)
America's Stonehenge
(71.12 W)
Mystery Stone at Lake Winnipesaukee
(71.19 W)
Old Quebec City
(71.12 W)


There is no way this can be a coincidence and since seven of the ten listed have been associated with medieval Templar activity in the North America there are three things this list all but proves. First, the seven items that have been hypothesized to be related to medieval Templar's are clearly connected to each other and provides strong support they are indeed Templar artifacts. Second, since the accuracy of the longitudinal locations are so good, the only logical conclusion is the Templar's who created them must have been able to calculate longitude. Third, knowledge of this important meridian appears to have been known in the distant past (America's Stonehenge) and was passed on within the Cistercian/Templar orders into modern times. Do you see it anyway else?

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jerry Lutgen Decodes the "90-Foot Stone"

I've invited my friend and fellow Templar researcher, Jerry Lutgen, to offer a guest blog posting about his reading of the "90-foot Stone" cipher allegedly found on Oak Island.  This post was written in anticipation of Episode 4, of Season 4, of the Oak Island show on History Channel, where rumor has it the long missing stone will be rediscovered.  Jerry wanted to get his translation out before the show airs to see if he may have beaten them to the punch.  What do you think?

Decoding the “90 Foot Stone” and the “La Formule” Document


Jerry Lutgen


        December 4, 2016


Many readers of this blog may have seen a recent episode of The Curse of Oak Island during which a local researcher named Doug Crowell presented information relating to the so-called “90 foot stone.”  This stone, allegedly from the “Money Pit”, contains a coded inscription which has received a controversial reading of “forty feet below are two million pounds.”


During the program Crowell also presented the La Formule document which has come to be associated with Oak Island and the “90 foot stone.”  It appears that this document was first shown to the public by McGinnis family of Oak Island fame in their recent book “Oak Island Connection.”  In their book they explain that the La Formule document was of great importance to their brother Jim McGinnis who told them that this document was only part of a larger set of papers.


A quick examination of the document reveals two things.  First, it uses a superset of the symbols employed on the “90 foot stone.” Second, as hinted at by Jim McGinnis, this document appears to have been excised from a larger document in such a way that some words or letters are missing.

The reading cited above for the “90 foot stone” has been rejected by many Oak Island researchers.  Still I asked myself, what if that decoding is correct and can it be used to help in the decoding of the La Formule page.  It turns out that this reading of the “90 foot stone” is correct.  It says “forty feet below are two million pounds.”  We know this because it provides an unambiguous direct starting point that I was able to use in developing a substitution cipher that decodes the La Formule document into a very intriquing set of French text.  Here is the French text followed by a translation of the French into English.


La Formule


"Halte ne terrer pas creuser a

quarante pied avec a angle quarante

cinq degre la hampe a cinq cent

vignt deux pied a vous entre lec?

?reidor a un mille ….. soixante cinq pied

atteinte la chambre."



  The Formula


"Halt do burrow not dig at

forty feet with an angle forty

five degrees the shaft at five hundred

twenty two feet as you enter ???

?????? a thousand sixty five feet

reached the chamber."


Each line in the French and English text are broken at the same place as on the original La Formule document, as it comes to us.  Because this document has been somehow excised  from a larger document it means that some of the lines of the French text are incomplete.  In some cases this means that there are missing letters and in other cases it could even mean there are missing words.  In order to make better sense of what has been written I have taken the liberty of completing some of the beginning and ending words in a way that makes linquistic and contextual sense.   These additions are in blue.  You will see that at the end of line four and the beginning of line five I was unable to complete the missing French words.  I have done my best with this adding of letters to make sensible French words, but clearly this is a potential source of error.

I was aided in the process of fine tuning the cipher and translating the French into English by an experienced French translator.  Again we have done the best we can, but given the inherent vagaries of translating French from an unknown time and place as well as the potential for deciphering and editing errors in the original French we must accept that there may be problems with the resulting English.

There is one other bit of broken French text at the bottom of the document.  Someone has hand written in French:  “Vingt….La Valeur” which translates as “Twenty…..the Value.”

What is the document telling us?  Unsurprisingly, the document reads clumsily, as if in some places there are missing words  The first line is a bit confusing.  Is it instructing the reader of the document to stop burrowing and dig in another way?   In any event it clearly seems to be some kind of instructions to find a chamber.  Of course, our imaginations immediately turn to a chamber associated with Oak Island, perhaps even the Money Pit.