Tuesday, January 28, 2014

America Unearthed: Mystery of the Serpents

I have to say the Serpent Mound in Ohio, is one of the most impressive ancient mound structures I've ever seen.  It is truly amazing in size and scope with regard to archaeoastronomy alignments.  One thing many people don't realize is in the 1840's, early surveyors, Squire and Davis, reported a circle of large standing stones inside the egg of the Serpent Mound.  These stones were pushed over the nearby cliff by early farmers and one of these monolith's is still visible at the base today.  I photographed this large monolith the night before Ross and I took our helicopter tour of the Serpent Mound.

Dr. Jim Sherz shared some amazing information about the ancient Native traditions of trans-continental contact of priests or shaman who traveled abroad sharing knowledge much like visiting students and professors do today.  Jim has lived among the Ho Chunck for years and learned a great deal about matters that many academics dismiss.  Maybe skeptical scholars could learn more about past contact by listening to Native elders instead of trying to tell them what their history was.

Dr. Peter N. Peregrine was a terrific guest who acknowledged the short-sighted thinking of some in academia, but also defended colleagues who are open-minded and willing to investigate once taboo ideas.  We agreed that theories are a great place to start, but you have to have sound evidence for any thesis to have traction.

Of course, it was fun yet again to spend time with my good friend, Alan Butler, this time in Scotland at such a beautiful site.  Glacial/Quaternary geology was one of my areas of interest in college and the Serpent Mound site in Scotland was a valley-glacial wonderland.  Minnesota was once covered by a continental-sized glacier where the ice was over a mile thick where I live now.  When Alan recently visited us in Minnesota we gave him both the geological, and the more recent historical tour of the Twin Cities which included Mounds Park in St. Paul.  So many amazing geological and archaeological wonders on this continent and so little time...

America Unearthed Fan Letter of the Week

Dear Scott Wolter of America Unearthed,

Let me start by saying I'm a huge fan of the show and look forward to every episode. I appreciate how you back up your findings with science and logic, it's truly stunning how this great nation has covered up so much of its history and how so much of the public will never question the History books we learned from throughout school. As a patriot I'm gonna contact my Representative and will also place a call to the Smithsonian to ask about their cover up tendencies. Once again, keep up the awesome work.

Semper Fi,

Thanks Stan and all the fans of America Unearthed. You're why our show is such a success.

Monk's Mound as seen from the air with Cahokia Visitor's Center in the distance.

A selfy of Scott next to one of the standing stones below the cliff next to the Serpent Mound.

The Committee Films crew prepares for a take while Dr. Peter Peregrine watches the action.

Ross Hamilton and Scott pose next to an airplane wing.

Monday, January 20, 2014

America Unearthed: The Underwater Pyramids

This latest episode allowed me to reveal something about myself that many people will disagree with; I definitely prefer the Rolling Stones over the Beatles as the greatest rock and roll band ever.  Now that we've settled that...

While our adventure in the Fugusub did not find any pyramids in Rock Lake; technically, it remains an open question whether there are any in the lake or not.  I am very skeptical any pyramids are there for the simple reason I don't believe the lake levels were sufficiently low enough for the area to have been attractive enough for any culture to build them.  While there are plenty of rocks in the lake, this is due to continental glaciers that dumped them there roughly 15,000 years ago.  I'd love to be proven wrong someday, but I doubt that'll happen.

One thing I can say is there definitely are earthen pyramids at the Aztalan State Park.  I really enjoyed my day there with Bob Birmingham, who was very candid, informative, and friendly.  He also was open-minded between takes when we discussed other topics.  As is the case in many places I've visited, it's a shame we don't hear more about sites like Aztalan in our schools growing up.  This fascinating site is one state over and I had never heard of it until a few days before the shoot.  I had certainly heard of the 'pyramids in Rock Lake', but not the legitimate site only a few miles away.  What's even more mind-boggling is we were never taught about the incredible early Native City of Cahokia just outside of St. Louis.  It had a larger population in 13th century than London at the time.  Somehow Cahokia wasn't relevant enough to teach us about in American history class growing up??

One thing you can sure of: there is a reason...

Colin films Russell Canfield as he explains the operation of the Fugusub.

Former Wisconsin State Archaeologist Bob Birmingham pauses for a photo with Scott.

Mexican Scholar Roberto Rodriguez shares his map knowledge with Scott.

Colin Thrienen shoots Scott looking out over Wisconsin farmland.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Scott Joins Alan Butler for America Unearthed: Secret Blueprint of America

Not only is Alan Butler a brilliant mind, he is an even better person.

Alan has appeared in three America Unearthed episodes so far and each time has been more interesting and fun.  We were thrilled to feature Alan’s work in his book, Washington D.C.: City of the Goddess.  I truly believe his megalithic yard research reveals what might be the city’s biggest secret of all.

Although this secret clearly resided within a very tight circle of Freemasons, what still puzzles me was how they were able to hide it for so long?  Whoever the individuals were, and are, their identities will likely continue to be a tightly kept secret.  However, there is one individual Alan and I feel we can put a face to that was part of that inner circle; Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

There were two facts that indicated Roosevelt's knowledge of the megalithic system and its importance in Washington D.C.:

  1. The final location of the Pentagon that we discussed in the show.  
  2. The placement of his monument within the city after his death at his request.  

I’m not talking about the amazing series of massive granite and bronze that make up the monument to his four terms as president dedicated in 1997 by President Bill Clinton.  Roosevelt insisted on a modest piece of limestone placed in a specific spot along Pennsylvania Avenue.

During filming, we sought out this stone during breaks in filming to see if corresponded to the megalithic system within the city.  Predictably it did.  This makes two specific locations that conform to the megalithic system whose locations were personally selected by the President.

Letter of the week:

Dear Scott Wolter,

The America Unearthed Washington DC episode was enlightening. I'm aware of Dan Brown's book on mysteries here, but I've never heard anyone mention an ancient system of measurement used to design the nation's capital. Alan Butler seems like a good guy to have a pint with.

Is this at all related to V. Garth Norman's work on a consistent system of measurement between Egypt and Central America? A video on his work here here - http://youtu.be/TDqVKeC_OFU


Mark Yalets

Alan and Janet pose in front of the White House with interesting rod iron symbols behind them.

Brandon Boulay prepares confidently for the next shot.

Scott meets an interesting man at a resturant; although he didn't have a lot say...

The committee Films crew films a phone call outstide the Scottish Rite building.

Monday, January 6, 2014

America Unearthed Lost Tribe of Menehune

I hope the viewers enjoyed the "Wolter's go to Hawaii" episode as much as we did.  Here's how H2's website described the show: "While vacationing with his family in Hawaii, Scott Wolter uncovers some key geological facts to determine whether this ancient, legendary race of tiny people really existed on the islands." Link here

Not only were the islands amazing, but it was really fun to learn about the mythical little people of Hawaii.  I had never heard of them before and I've been to Hawaii at least a half dozen times growing up with my father as a pilot for Northwest Airlines.  It was a great experience to film an episode with my family included and what better place to do it?

For me, the most memorable part of shooting this episode was spending time on the sacred island of Kahoolawe with Native Islanders who educated us on the sacredness of it to their people.  Some have already written asking why we didn't show the actual Navigator's Chair or play a song on the sacred stone.  While she demonstrated the sounds to us (and they were amazing), at the request of the Natives we did not air those scenes. They consider this place very sacred, going back thousands of years.  It was an honor to even have been allowed there.  How tragic that our government used it as a bombing target and land assault training area for over half a century.

It's still unclear exactly who the Menehune people of Hawaii actually were.  There is no question they played an important role in Hawaiian history and lore.  Regardless, the Menehune enabled us all to learn more about them, Native Hawaiian culture, and to see first-hand that incredible geological wonder of cross-cutting basalt dikes in the form of the giant "X."

The Committee Films crew arrive at the Navigator's Chair on Kahoolawe.

The Committee Films crew on the way to shoot a scene at the Navigator's Chair on Kahoolawe. 

Scott and Son Grant share a laugh after riding a wave on Maui.

Jim Morgan ponders his mortality with a skeleton at the Uof Hawaii.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

America Unearthed Fans Write In

As you might imagine, we get a lot of emails from fans of America Unearthed on The History Channel's H2. I keep many of these. They keep me going when the looking gets difficult.

To fans of America Unearthed, Thanks!! And keep the comments coming.

[Last names removed to protect privacy, I applied color to emphasize some text]

Hi Scott Wolter,

I am a big fan of your America Unearthed TV programs on H2.  I don't agree with everything I see and hear, but I do enjoy the controversial topics.  I especially enjoy the manner in which you present the info.  I don't feel that you are "preechy" or suggest that your interpretations and theories are the only right ones.  You present the information, along with your expert opinion, and the opinions of other experts, which moves me to think and explore these theories in greater depth.  You raise many valid points and your explanations are every bit as likely as some of those who do not agree with you.  Thank you very much for the interesting and stimulating spin you put on these issues.

Thanks very much.



Thank you for the information.  I would like to pass along to Scott and everyone at Committee Films my deepest thanks.  Spending the day filming at Petrified Forest National Park was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Best wishes to you all!

Thank you very much!


Mr. Scott Wolter -
This is just a note to thank you for your rather heroic intellectual courage. I am a physician who lives in […] MN and have read "the Hooked X", watched your shows on H channel, and have read the blogs. It just seemed important to point out that you have many who appreciate your efforts and are a "silent majority" not on any radar screen.

Thanks again,
Noel […] M.D.

To Scott Wolter of America Unearthed,

My name is Michelle and I'm following your show on H2 like a hawk. Growing up my dad taught me to question everything and to always seek the Truth. Your motives and approach are inspirational to me.
I wonder all the time what I could do to help you in your search.

Thanks for all you do and I wish you all the best.


Hi Scott,

After watching – and enjoying – America Unearthed, I did a little web surfing to learn more about you and your background.  I was surprised to find so much bad press and opinions.  You impressed me as a regular sort of guy who is not too impressed with puffing himself up.  Other folks sure must see you differently.  Or, perhaps, they just don’t like your subject matters.  Sort of like a lawyer discrediting a witness because he did something 30 years ago – that has no relevance to his testimony.  Anyway, forget about people like that.

I work in an engineering office and need to deal with PG’s on a regular basis. Mining permits, Proctor tests, and the like. Great, down-to- earth people (no pun intended).  I was sorry to read of the tragic circumstances surrounding the loss of your father.  I lost my Dad 25 years ago, and still think of and miss him every day.  You never get over it, really.  But I’m sure that your Dad would be proud of you and your accomplishments.
I greatly enjoy America Unearthed and appreciate your contributions to the geology field. The ancient peopling of the Americas and pre-Columbian visits have always been of great interest to me, and your shows stir renewed interest. I understand that your shows present subjects in a dramatic format, but, hey, that’s why they’re called “shows“. If it was all dry as dirt (again, no pun intended), no one would watch them. Keep it up, and to Hell with Covalito and the like.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Hi Scott,

I'm a big fan of America Unearthed.  I realized something curious when I googled your name.  A guy named Colovito comes up.  He goes on to bash you and I saw you posted there too.  I applaud you for sticking up for yourself. […] You have made enemies and that is a good thing.  The questions you ask are enlightening.  You must be doing something right because archaeologists are slinging mud at you.  They don't even think you should be doing the things you are doing and want you to stick to geology.  Geology has a place in archaeology.  Please keep doing the things that you are doing.  The show is great.  I hope you discredit all of the pompous academics who are bashing you.



Scott Wolter,

Hi ..my name is justin […] and I live in Appleton, Wisconsin. I just wanted to leave a quick message to say thank you. Long story short, about 18 months ago I was awarded full custody of my then 8 yr old daughter, we've always been close but when she came to live with me, there was a period of time when things were... a little tense. This is where you come in.... [She] is an avid explorer of many things, one of the more prevalent....is rocks! She also loves history, and situations that involve following clues and solving problems. Having the truth be known and not hiding stuff to "fit the mold" are all qualities that my little girl holds most dear... She's way beyond her years in some ways... Anyway, I too find all these things to be captivating.... We discovered your show, and immediately we had something to be level on... the work you do and the way you do it.... We think its cool!! Over the last year we have gotten super close and things couldn't be better... We still watch your show, read your books as well as others, and discuss everything together... Its really cool... So again, thank you Scott.... Indirectly, you have helped a father and daughter get through some pretty rough times, and become closer.

Best wishes,

Justin […]