Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Brand New Medieval Hooked X's

Janet and Anita St. Clair flash the "M" sign along with a model of lady Liberty at St. Martin's des Champ, in Paris, France.

Have you ever looked closely at the tablet Lady Liberty holds in her left hand?

Inside the Knights Templar castle overlooking the city of Tomar, Portugal, is a church with an ornately decorated altar that is a near exact architectural replica of the Newport Tower.  The eight-columned, two story octagonal tower with rounded arches is the most sacred part of the church and is consistent with the claims of many researchers the Newport Tower was built by circa 1400 era Knights Templar as an observatory and a church.  

Scott poses with the Hooked X Janet found while we were shooting a scene outside the Templar Church of Santa Maria de Olival in Tomar, Portugal.  The Roman number Hooked X, was carved into the lower left corner of an inscription on a column near the entrance of the church next to the tomb of the First Grand Master of the Portuguese Templars who founded Tomar, Gualdim Pais.  

After all the microscopic analysis and high resolution imaging at the Westford Knight/Sword Hooked X, sometimes the best way to see something is with an IPhone flashlight.

Standing atop the 8 steps leading into Santa Maria de Olival in Tomar, Portugal, one is struck by the powerful symbolism in this Templar Church where 22 Grand Masters are interred.  The sacred number 8 appears multiple times (columns, windows, steps, etc.) along with the five-pointed star created during the 8-year cycle of Venus, which an important symbol consistent with their goddess veneration (Hooked X) ideology.    

At the Templar Church of Santa Maria de Olival in Tomar, Portugal, the statue in the altar is of Mary Magdalene holding a child.  Her hair is golden auburn and she wears her symbolic colors of green and red/orange.



Well, season 3 is now over and I want to personally thank everyone who supported u watching our show.  I hope you've learned some new things and were entertained in the process.  We're hoping for another season as there is so much more to explore and share with all of you; we'll see what happens!

Before I launch into comments about the part 2 of Tracking the Templars, I'd like to share comments posted on Facebook last week that were forwarded to me by a relative of the person who carved the fake rune stone seen in part 1.  It was the guy on the right without the hat who actually thought I was the one who looked like the fool in the episode.  Obviously, I would disagree and will let you decide for yourself what this correspondence means:

Billy Carney did you see me on the History channel Saturday (Name Removed)
(Name Removed)No Billy. What was the show , cause I have unlimited history channel in the web.
Billy Carney it's on the History2's website, follow the link for "America Unearthed" I'm in the green shirt. I'm in the first 20 minutes after that they move onto another subject...
Jean Carney Blakesley I just watched it.   It is nice to see that he gave you credit for finding it.  He sure changed his tune from the time that I e-mailed him before.
Billy Carney yes, he had enough on me to feed me to the lions, the History channel people probably stepped in and told him he can't do what he wants to do
Billy Carney I did carve that inscription
Billy Carney I didn't find it, I made it...
Jean Carney Blakesley No you didn't.  Not that one.
Billy Carney yeah, it was a hoax from the beginning
Jean Carney Blakesley Really.  You sure had me fooled.
Billy Carney Scott offered counsin Joe $1000 to appear on camera and talk about my carvings
Jean Carney Blakesley Did they ever pay you anything for appearing on TV?
Billy Carney not a thing, I went in the hole about a couple hundred $'s running around getting things ready for them to come here
Jean Carney Blakesley I just sent the link to my brother Jim.
Billy Carney cousin joe milked $300 out of them, that's his yellow atv in the beginning
Billy Carney coool
Billy Carney you guys were so easy to fool
Jean Carney Blakesley The above picture doesn't look like the other one.   spacing is different
Billy Carney no, same one, look closer....
Billy Carney i'll try and find a later one
Jean Carney Blakesley I hadn't watched the whole show before I made my comments.  I have to say, you are one warped individual.
Billy Carney high strung people don't like it I know.....
Jean Carney Blakesley It was one thing to try to make a fool of Scott, but to make a fool of your friends.  Not good.

Billy Carney yeah,ok
Billy Carney that's why I don't let you see my posts anymore, we're two different kinfs of people. Have fun being uptight

Billy Carney right up there with the Charles Manson murders huh ?
Billy Carney when Joe and Josh found out last week the truth we all had a good,joannie, John, well a diffeent story.....
Jean Carney Blakesley I am not an uptight person, I am a very loving, caring person who stood up for you.  I didn't block you or unfriend you even when you would go too far with some of you ribbing.  You have no boundaries.  I feel that it is a sin to waste valuable time on resources on childish behavior.
Billy Carney I begged you not to say anything to Scott and stand up for me but you couldn't be stopped....
Jean Carney Blakesley It was because I cared about you and thought that he was making a fool of you.  I guess you don't know what it is like to care for someone or someones feelings.
Billy Carney no boundaries, yeah right
Billy Carney to you it's like the OJ Simpson murders etc
Billy Carney it's a stone carving !
Billy Carney just enjoy your up tightness
Billy Carney form a support group
Billy Carney it's a stone carving !
Billy Carney one day stone carving, tomorrow murder....
Billy Carney lol
Billy Carney why have I only had these kinds of disscussions in the past year with you,Joannie and John......
Billy Carney there's your nucleus of a support group...
Billy Carney it's a stone carving......
Billy Carney sorry I brought this up Stacy, left my guard down, didn't realize Miss Uptight would see it...
What strikes me is how Billy is totally oblivious to the seriousness of his actions.  Pathetic really; but at least know the answer definitively even though I suspected him all along.
Moving on now; what is truly amazing is finding not one, but two Hooked X symbols connected with the Knights Templar.  The stand alone Roman number 10 Hooked X in Santa Maria de Olival is unquestionably Templar and the extensively weathered Hooked X proves the Westford Knight/Sword is indeed Templar (likely carved for a fallen knight)  in origin as most have always suspected.  What this new evidence does is reinforce our conclusions about the rune stones with the Hooked X found in North America.  These are important finds that need to be taken seriously by scholars.  I hold out no hope they will as to touch this research completely changes to the paradigm of known world history profoundly.  The real question is: does anyone have the courage to tip their toes into these amazing waters?  Time will tell...   

Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Venus Families" founded the Cistercians and Knights Templar.

Steve and Anita St. Clair, Alan Bulter, and Janet and Scott Wolter pose along the swollen Seine River in Paris, France.

The five-pointed star of Venus in the Rose Window at Eglise Saint Remi  Chapel in Troyes, France.  It was the Monotheistic Dualism ideology of the "Venus Families" of France that prompted them to found the Cistercian and Knights Templar orders. 

This life-size sculpture of the "Entombment of Christ" was ordered by Francois Jarradin, Commander of the Hospitallers, in 1531. After residing in the Knights Templar commandery at Reims until it was destroyed during the French Revolution in 1792, it was moved to St. Remi Cathedral in 1803.  The close-up shows the still bleeding wound of Jesus after the crucifixion. 

One of several AVM's in stained glass in the Church at the Templar Commandery at Arville, France.

Scott, Steve St. Clair and Alan Butler, pose for a photo inside the Church at the Templar Commandery at Arville, France.  Is it a coincidence that a statue of Jesus is directly behind Steve?

A kaleidoscope of "M" signs adorn Mary encircled with twelve angels in this painting hanging inside the Church at the Templar Commandery at Arville, France. 

The top line of the chevron, carved next to the hoax runic inscription with the Hooked X, after I cleaned the mud out that had been rubbed into the groove to cover up it's freshly made appearance.  The mud covering up the hoaxer's handiwork can be clearly seen  in lower angled line of the chevron.    

I nearly jumped out of my chair when I first saw the photos of the serpent-style runic inscription with the Hooked X at the top.  My eyes could hardly believe what I was seeing.  I thought then this is 'too good to be true' and as it turned out, it was.  At the time, the inscription with the date of 1206 in Roman numbers, seemed to make a lot of sense.  Regardless, despite the skepticism I had at the time, I knew I had to get out there as quickly as possible to examine it. I called Andy and Maria Awes at Committee Films and said, "I'm going out there ASAP.  If you want to go with me, you better get things together quickly because I'm not waiting."  To their credit, they juggled their busy shooting schedule and off we went.  When we arrived at the site, because of how tight the shooting schedule was, I had to wait until lunch break to sneak off so I could examine the inscription carefully and uninterrupted off-camera.  I had already noticed what looked like mud in the grooves, but it wasn't until I used my toothbrush and bottled water to clean the mud out, that the cold, dark cloud of reality hit me this carving was a deliberate hoax designed to try and trick me.  Thinking about it a year and half later, I still get pissed off about it.

The trip to France with Janet, Steve St. Clair and his wife Anita, and Alan Butler, was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that turned out to be better than any of us could have imagined.  We arrived early to visit locations we knew we wouldn't have time for with the crew while shooting, and discovered a number of things that furthered our Cistercian/Templar research immensely.  We found so many new and interesting things that this planned single episode turned into the two-part adventure you just saw the beginning of.  I hope the larger than normal number of photos I posted this week will spark questions from those who read this blog as I could have written several paragraphs about each one.  I also hope this episode has opened the eyes of our viewers to some of the signs, symbols and tokens used by the Venus Families and their supporters, such as the five-pointed star, the "M" sign, AVM, the Fleur des les, the Cross of Lorraine, and the Hooked X, that are hidden in plain sight both in Europe and North America!    

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Does Bigfoot really exist?

The Committee Films crew prepares to shoot the scene where I bought my Nepal hat.

Namche Bazaar is dwarfed by the towering Himalayan Mountains that surround this tiny village.

 The wind blew snow off the summit of Mount Everest that we could see in the distance during our two day hike from Namche Bazaar.  The day after I took this picture was when the avalanche killed 17 Sherpa's on Everest.

Field producer and writer, Michelle Lappin-Day and videographer, Colin Threinen, enjoy the helicopter ride up to Namche Bazaar. 

Scott marvels at a rock outcropping completely covered with prayer inscriptions at Namche Bazaar.

I'd like to start off by saying that I never wanted to do an episode on Bigfoot.  For one thing, I didn't have much interest in the topic even as a kid.  Most of my friends would roll their eyes whenever big, harry monsters living in the woods came up.  It was never anything I had taken very seriously.  When the production company brought up the idea of doing an episode about Bigfoot I immediately said, "No way."  However, my wife, Janet, reminded me of how many times I insist on certain academics and skeptics to remain open-minded about things I think are important such as the Tucson Lead Artifacts, Bat Creek Stone, and the Kensington Rune Stone.  It didn't take long for me to soften up to the idea, but the final straw that convinced me was when Maria Awes called me and said we would be going to Nepal and the Himalayan Mountains if we did the episode.  That was it, I was in!

After watching the episode last night I was very pleased about the other concern I had doing Bigfoot was it could be credibility killer if not handled properly.  That is where the work of the production company comes and I was very pleased with the job they did.  I went in as a skeptic and I came out a skeptic.  That's not the same as saying I don't believe in Bigfoot or Yeti, it means I still haven't seen any evidence to convince me that they are real.  I am certainly not convinced, but my mind will always be open to any potential new evidence.

Without a doubt, traveling to Nepal was one of the most eye-opening and incredible experiences I will ever have.  It's hard to describe the feelings I had after leaving Katmandu in the helicopter as we flew ever higher in the Himalayas.  As the highest peaks began to appear through the haze it was staggering to realize how massive and high they were.  It was truly humbling to realize how small and insignificant we are compared to these massive mountains.  Of course, the magic moment came when I saw Mount Everest for the first time.  We were already almost at 14,000 feet during our climb to see the Yeti(Yak) scalp when I caught my first glimpse.  It was towering in the distance over twice as high as were.  Truly incredible and awe-inspiring.  Perhaps the hardest thing I've ever done was the two-day hike down (and up, and down, and up...) from Namche Bazaar, eleven miles to Lukla where the most dangerous airport in the world is.  The reason the hike was so hard was I caught the flu the day before we left and was miserable the entire hike.  Even though my head and body ached, I still took in all the grandeur and incredible geology during the hike.  It was a metamorphic geology fantasy seeing the gneisses smashed around through the tectonic forces of the rapidly rising Himalayas.  It was without a doubt the most amazing trip we've taken on America Unearthed.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that on the morning we flew out of Lukla to Katmandu, was the day the avalanche killed 17 Sherpa's guides on Everest.  A few days earlier on a hike, we'd met up with the Discovery Channel crew that was on Everest working with the Sherpa's who were killed.  We had seven Sherpa guides with us for our time shooting in the mountains and we all became very close to these kind, hardworking and fun people.  Our hearts go out to all the Sherpa families who lost loved ones on the mountain.  It's probably the most dangerous job in the world and nobody could get to the summit of Everest without the help and guidance of these amazing people.  Remember that the next time you hear about someone climbing Everest, without the Sherpa guides they wouldn't stand a ghost of chance.            

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Orion's Belt in Manhattan?

Jim Morgan (right) and Sergio Rapu watch Scott and "Trusty" prepare for a scene in Grand Central Station. 

Scott and Dorothy McCarthy stand in front of St. Paul's Chapel in Manhattan, New York. 

Jim Morgan, Colin Threinen, Scott and Raul Cadena strike intimidating poses; ohh..., I'll bet your scared!

The models on Manhattan during shooting in the lab.

There are actually twin obelisks at the east entrance of St. Paul's Chapel.  The squat pyramid at the top of the monument on the northeast side can only be seen from a distance that proves it's a second obelisk completing the symbolic entrance to ancient temples like the one in Heliopolis, Egypt. 

While it looks like it was me that made this startling discovery of the "Orion Alignment in Manhattan", all credit goes to Janet Wolter for this one.  In fact, it literally unfolded as we were filming the episode as we originally thought the alignment of the three obelisk location's formed a straight line.  Janet wasn't so sure about the slight bend in the line, and thought there had to be more. She worked with our good friend Alan Butler who helped her understand what turned out to be astronomical clues.  It was the strange depiction of the constellations on the ceiling of Grand Central Station where it started to make sense there was more going on.  While I was in the field shooting the early scenes at the Central Park obelisk from Egypt, she was working away trying to figure out why the constellation artwork and lighting of the stars seemed to be off.  She found that many people questioned the accuracy of depiction, but Vanderbilt family insisted everything was perfectly correct.  Clearly, they knew exactly what they were doing and obviously were in on the plan to create the alignment.  This would suggest he must have been a Freemason, but it's not clear if he and other members of the family were or not.  Regardless, they clearly embraced certain esoteric knowledge that was the impetus for the secret configuration of the ceiling so many people walk right by every day and never notice.  I'm sure a lot more will notice the constellations now.   

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Who Carved the Waubansee Stone?

The Committee Films crew with guest Scott Mastores (second from left) after wrapping the final shoot.

One of four base relief carvings on towers made of Indiana Limestone on the Michigan Avenue Bridge, over the Chicago River, has an interesting five-pointed star on a Native American shield.  Along with other interesting symbols within the carvings, does it reflect the ideological leanings of the artist, Henry Hering, or perhaps of the ones who commissioned them? 

Scott, field producer, Paula Engelking (left side) and guest, Dr. Scott Mastores, with his daughter Katie, pose with the Waubansee Stone at a secret location outside of Chicago. 

A closer view of the face carved on the Waubansee Stone shows the hole in the mouth where water was designed to flow from the bowl on top.

A piece of glacial field stone from the Ohman farm in Kensington, Minnesota, where the Kensington Rune Stone was discovered in 1898, is mortared into the outside wall of the Chicago Tribune Building in downtown Chicago.

Just like the Rock Wall in Texas, when we began shooting this episode I was a little surprised I had never before heard of the Waubansee Stone.  In fact, there is sparse information about it on the Internet or in books.  It's one of those artifacts that slipped through the cracks of history and its origin truly is a mystery.  As we pursued the investigation, it quickly became clear to me this was not the creation of a bored soldier at Fort Dearborn 200 years ago, who carved the face on this stone that at one time was originally eight feet long.  I also read where the local native tribes reported the stone was upright with one end three feet in the ground like a megalithic standing stone.  It might have been erected to mark the important, and very ancient, portage route to the Mississippi River from Lake Michigan.  It seems perfectly logical to speculate the standing stone could date back thousands of years as an important marker for the ancient Copper Culture, both from Europe and for indigenous people to have used this portage to transport their valuable cargo.

It's difficult for people to imagine these days, but the landscape of the Great Lakes region in the post-glacial period two to five millennia ago looked much different than it does today.  In fact, at one point of what is now the Chicago River that flows into Lake Michigan, the river likely flowed directly out of the lake to the Mississippi.  As the continental ice sheets melted back, lake levels were constantly changing.  Isostatic rebound of the earth's crust from the removal of the immense weight of the ice also created dramatic changes in lake levels and the flow of rivers and streams over the past five thousand years.  Remember, because of differences in water levels in the past, there almost certainly were easier travel routes for larger vessels between the individual Great Lakes than they would be now.  Excluding of course, modern canals and locks.

In any case, the most likely scenario for me is the Phoenicians, and/or whichever ancient cultures in the America's that were involved in the early mining of copper in the Lake Superior region.  I'm certainly open to other possibilities, such as the Mayans, Aztecs, or some other early Native American group as the carvers of the mysterious face, but I'm not at all receptive to the notion that a soldier with the advanced skills, appropriate tools, and time on his hands at Fort Dearborn had anything to do with it.  Therefore, this makes the Waubansee Stone one the most historically important and valuable  artifacts in North America.  In my opinion, it should be front page news and I'm hopeful that it will soon be prominently displayed for the American public to see and ponder.