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The Lost Templar Journals of Prince Henry Sinclair – Vol. 1

The following is the foreword I wrote for the first of multiple volumes of the journals of Earl Henry Sinclair and the journals of the next fourteen generations of Sinclair's (5) and Wemyss/Weems (10) clans.  The story that unfolds is nothing short of incredible: 

"The personal journal entries you are about to read are the first of several installments that are either the greatest story ever told, or the greatest hoax ever sold. Very strong words indeed, but in this particular case they are more than appropriate. When first contacted about the journals of Earl Henry Sinclair and his descendants, I scoffed and deleted the emails. The third attempt included photos of one of the journal pages, and one of a lambskin map - they got my attention. The email included Diana Muir’s phone number and I gave her a call. We quickly hit it off and after hearing about what she claimed to have, I invited her to Minnesota so I could introduce her to several friends; including several Freemasons to try and vet her story.

After the meeting, Diana shared the journal entries with me and after reading them I was convinced of one thing; if there was even one chance in a hundred that they were authentic, they had to be vetted thoroughly and carefully, for they were potentially far too historically important not to. Over the course of the next two-plus years, Masonic scholar and past Grand Master of Masons of Minnesota, Terry Tilton, and I dove into vetting the journals with a vengeance.  It quickly became apparent that if this were a hoax, it was a masterstroke of deviant genius that had to have involved several individuals with a vast array of knowledge in various disciplines to pull off.

If authentic, the history these documents contain is explosive and sheds important new light on many different aspects of history, as well as the individuals named in them over the course of just over four centuries (1353 to 1770). This first of three personal journal books - reportedly written by Earl Henry Sinclair - reveals many previously unknown details about his life and activities from the time he was eight years old until he was fifty-one in 1395. Some of the most interesting and important aspects of the entries in this volume include the following:
The Scottish Templars led by the Sinclair’s traveled to the “Western Lands” numerous times including Earl Henry’s father, William Sinclair II, who made the trip a total of seven times himself. Impossible to comprehend at first glance, the idea of frequent trips to North America becomes all the more plausible given the “Cremona Document” tells of Templar voyages coming to North America as early as 1179.  It seems a hoaxer would be more conservative in the number of trips knowing the context of currently accepted beliefs of historians that the Templars no longer existed in the mid to late Fourteenth Century, let alone ever made it to America.  The fallacy here was the idea of no pre-Columbian European contact has no factual supporting evidence and numerous documents, artifacts, and sites found in North America directly refute this erroneous narrative.

The young Earl Henry made numerous mentions of both old and new religious holidays and made numerous mentions of the ‘Great Goddess” who was central to his clan’s spiritual beliefs. These entries are also consistent with my own research into the true ideology of the Templars. The importance of the Goddess to Templars is also supported by numerous mentions within the Cremona Document. Their veneration of the Goddess lies at the heart of the success of the Templars secret medieval activities in North America - because they shared a similar ideology as the indigenous people they constantly interacted with and eventually assimilated with. Only a deeply knowledgeable person on a team of hoaxers could insert these aspects into the entries in such convincing fashion. Beyond myself and very few others, we know of no others who understand the complicated Goddess ideology of the Templar leadership.

Here is where one the most important realizations of this journal begins to emerge.  In multiple entries between 1373 and 1388, Earl Henry refers to what can only be a fugitive faction of medieval Knights Templar.  The “Templari” being sheltered in the Wemyss Caves are clearly supported by Earl Henry, the “Brethren”, and other important Scottish families most likely for their similar ideological beliefs and their service to King Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn in 1314.  These entries suggest, along with Earl Henry’s mention of Hiram Abiff, the apparent evolution of the strict asceticism and celibacy of medieval Templarism into an early version of speculative Freemasonic ideals.  The surviving Templars who had escaped to Scotland after 1307 were protected by the ruling families were no longer celibate after being outlawed by the Roman Catholic Church and monarchies in England and France.  Earl Henry and the Craft’s steadfast support of the “Templari” begs the question was this when and where the rites and rituals of medieval Templarism merged into speculative Freemasonry actively present in Scotland in the Fourteenth Century.  If so, this is a huge revelation and deserves to be researched in much greater depth for its potential impact on modern day Freemasonry is profound.        

The revelations of Earl Henry’s initiation into Freemasonry are detailed to the point that only someone who had experienced initiation into Templar rituals themselves could have written them, if this was a hoax. While not impossible, the likelihood a Freemason was involved in such a hoax is extremely remote given this type of nefarious activity goes against Masonic teachings. If authentic, these entries have enormous historical ramifications for Freemasonry that will be studied for many years to come.
Arguably one of the most important aspects of the later journal entries involves Earl Henry meeting the Italian navigators Nicolo and Antonio Zeno. One of the most controversial documents known from this period is called the “Zeno Narrative.” A descendant in the family reportedly restored letters that were alleged to have been written by Antonio Zeno in the Fourteenth Century after having been torn up by the family member as a child. The document reports numerous factual events, most of which are consistent with the information provided by Earl Henry upon meeting them. One important fact in the journals that differs from restored Zeno documents (which state that Nicolo and Antonio were brothers) is that according to Earl Henry, they were father and son.
For me personally, the most important entries by far deal with the “thirty men” that we learn came to the Western Lands to “…establish a settlement” in the spring of 1358.  It can only be referring to the party that carved the Kensington Rune Stone in 1362. The implications of the Kensington party entries are huge and appear to confirm nearly all the claims about the artifact I have made over the past eighteen years. While admittingly hopeful that the journals are authentic, due in no small part to these specific entries, it is also these entries that give me the most pause. They almost feel like they were written as a trap. On the other hand, would a hoaxer so blatantly pander to a known proponent like me by suggesting the Kensington inscription carver’s name? My collective research has proven the artifact authentic which means somebody connected to the Templars created it and the story that unfolds in these journals fits perfectly with what we already know.

I would remiss if I didn’t talk about my experiences with Diana over the past two and half years. While I am immensely frustrated with her decision to throw the original journals away, which were most likely copies of the originals, along with the lambskin map at a point of personal crisis, there is no mistaking she has done a phenomenal job of translating the Latin (and Old English in later journals) into modern English. She admits to likely making a few errors which would be suspicious if she hadn’t, but it appears she has done a masterful job of putting the entries of multiple individuals into readable modern text. Exactly how good of a job might never be fully known. However, three pages do survive from the years 1354, 1663, and 1731. Future testing of those pages should yield more information about Diana’s work and what these surviving pages really are.

I have also traveled to Tennessee to vet Diana’s story about where and how she came into possession of the journals. The archival building where she said she got them does exist and contains valuable information about the people who lived in that area at the time of, and after, the Revolutionary War and about the individuals who wrote the last six journals to be published in the future. So far, everything Terry Tilton, Diana Muir, and I have been able to vet has proven to be true and correct. However, many of the over 300 individuals mentioned by name in the journals, whether they were Templar knights, crew members, or Freemasons, have been impossible to determine. In fact, our inability to find any record of many of the individuals is exactly what should have happened. Even for Freemasons like Terry and I, who are allowed access to certain Masonic records non-Masons cannot, we were still not able to find confirming documents for many of the names listed. This begs the question of how and why a forger would make up so many names of people known to exist and others we can find no record of. That we still have many questions about these individuals actually supports authenticity of the documents. If all the names could be readily found by us, they could also be found by a forger. Details about this own research into our investigation of the journals will be presented in the future.

I invite the reader to decide for themselves if these captivating entries represent what amounts to the first installment of one of the greatest stories in the history of the world, or the most complex and secretive work of deception ever assembled. Whatever the eventual outcome, these works are nothing less than sheer brilliance."

For those people interested in a signed copy at half the publisher's price you can order directly from the author at http://dianamuir.blogspot.com/ 


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    1. I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's the beginning of a an amazing journey.

  2. Scott,

    The part about "copies" and "throwing away originals" should be stated in the
    first paragraph. Sounds dubious.

    I have to ask, was Paul Knudson the carver of the KRS?

    Anthony Warren

    1. Anthony,

      The story surrounding Diana and what she did with the journals is complicated and problematic. However, I have personally seen and held the lambskin map and several of the journals and related artifacts so I know they exist. I also have dozens of photographs of the originals pages that will become public in due time.

      The vetting process has been extensive and thorough. At this point, I'm 99% convinced the story is true. 100% confirmation will come when we pull something out of the ground we only learned about from the journals. We are pursuing that process and will report on the results in the coming days. Stay tuned.

    2. No, Paul Knutson was not the carver of the KRS. That person's name is in the the first book of the journals. See if you can figure it out.

  3. Just ordered my copy!! can't wait to read. Larry Costa

    1. Larry,

      Be sure to come back and share your thoughts. I'm sure whatever questions you might have I can give additional insight.

  4. Got mine ordered..this should be really good. I'm really interested in the names.......

  5. Unknown,

    There are several interesting names in this volume and there are literally hundreds more to come in future volumes.

  6. Scott,

    Why did Henry Sinclair need the Zeno Father and Son? (If they were Freemasons, they were Brothers.) Why Henry would need the Zeno duo at all is perplexing to begin with. Especially if his father had made 7 trips himself. Why would someone hire another person for abilities already possessed? This aspect of the story has never made sense, and now even more so, due to all of the previous voyages. I hope, I'm not overlooking the obvious.

    Anthony Warren

    1. Anthony,

      You obviously haven't read the journal entries yet. Once you do it will all make sense. I don't want to spoil the story for others who plan to read the book, but the Zeno entries are fascinating and, assuming the journals are real, bring several new details and clarity to the Zeno narrative which I think we can now safely conclude is NOT a forgery.

    2. The Zenos were not Freemasons as they didn't exist at that time. And Henry didn't hire them, he just kept them from going home and tried to garner Nicolo's knowledge about navigating, ship building and the other things that he knew such as strategy. Nicolo had commanded a fleet in Italy, so he knew a lot about that Henry hadn't figured out yet. You have to remember Orkney was constantly fighting off sea pirates. Just because his father (who died when he was 12) made multiple trips doesn't mean than Henry knew the route or how to manage the ship. As a child I'm sure he just sat back and enjoyed the scenery. Perhaps if his father hadn't died he might have imparted some of that knowledge, but it simply didn't happen. Besides, after reading about some of the issues Zeno had at home, he was probably glad to be distracted and in no hurry to return.

  7. Scott, thanks for sharing this amazing historical find! I've read your past books and can't get enough! I look forward to reading this piece! Thanks again Scott for being the voice and truth of our past!

    1. Unknown,

      This book and the ones to come in this series might be the most captivating stories I've ever read and they ring true start to finish. Enjoy the ride and we'll see how the archaeology turns out. It should be very interesting.

  8. I noticed that Colavito claims he contacted me and asked for copies of the Latin text. Colavito has NEVER contacted me, even though my email is clearly at the top of my blog. He seems to have a very vivid imagination.

    Someone also asked me a few days ago about the providence of the journals. "How could Scottish journals end up in Tennessee?" The answer is actually very simple. They were passed from father to son for 4 generations and then Katherine Sinclair (who married Earl David Wemyss of Wemyss) transferred them to her husbands care rather than trust her father (William and the Waster and her brother) to care for them. They then came down through many generations of Wemyss to John Wemyss, a member of the British military, who settled near Philadelphia, PA when the US was still a British colony. His son, John Jr, moved to Greene Co., TN where he died in 1812. John Weems Jr was my 3rd ggrandfather. I hope that helps.

    1. Diana,

      That the debunker made a false claim is not surprising, but I wouldn't worry about it at all. His constant name-calling and over-the-top negativity about anything and everything I am involved in doesn't deserve attention and certainly doesn't merit a response. Don't give him any oxygen; simply ignore him and his negative and irrelevant rants will eventually go away.

      This is one of many questions that will become self-evident when the other journals are eventually published. It'll be interesting to see what resonates with people who read the first book. Wonder if they will catch the entries dealing the KRS party?

    2. FYI Scott,

      He has a screenshot of her correspondence. My Taurus meter is pegged. Very disappointing.

    3. Anonymous,

      Who is "he" and what correspondence does he have a screenshot of?

    4. Anonymous,

      Oh... Then that correspondence is irrelevant. Never mind.

    5. She contacted him! Then apparently lied about it. This reeks of a Mormon Hoax! That cult has more stroke than they're given credit for.

      I wish this were real. Maybe more so than most. After a few days of internet searches, I've no confidence in her story. It really seems like some faction associated with LDS is attempting to hijack the KRS for themselves.

      It is your rep on the line, not mine.

      "Is it easier to fake 3 pages, or 20 volumes?" I have to agree with Jim.

    6. Anonymous,

      Then it is still irrelevant. Mormon hoax huh? First, have you read the book yet? I didn't think so. Let's be clear, is Diana a perfect person? No, but then neither are you or me. Frankly, the claims you're making about the Mormon Church are pretty silly and I have no reason to defend them. Especially, given the lack of any facts to support your assertion. It might interest you to know that I have personally inspected some of the journals and the lambskin map. I can't say with 100% certainly they are authentic, but they looked good to me.

      I can also tell you categorically, Diana could never have written these journals that include over 300 names, many of them we have been able to prove existed, were indeed Freemasons, and lived at the time periods recorded. No one person could have written these and even with the army of Masonic scholars we have had at our disposal, they couldn't have done it either. This will become evident as subsequent journals are published.

      That said, final confirmation will only come if, and when, we dig something out of the ground we came to learn about only through the journals. Until then, we can flap our gums all we want, but it'll remain an open question. Therefore, there is no need to draw a premature conclusion.

      Until that happens, I would keep an open mind and enjoy the journals for the previously unknown and amazing history they contain. Don't stress yourself out, a definitive answer will come in the near future.

    7. Scott,

      You've obviously never Googled your name. If you had, you may have noticed a whole slew of Mormon Zealots attempting to use your work to prove the veracity of their cult. I am very open-minded. I do not doubt the authenticity of the KRS. My Taurus meter is pegged with Ms. Muir's changing story. I can see the steam rising, and a few flies. Just waiting to see what grows out of it.

    8. Anonymous,

      I'm well aware that some Mormons have latched onto my research trying to prove their beliefs. Did Hebrews come to this continent circa the 1st Century? The evidence says, yes. Does it prove the Book of Mormon? No. Having said that, there are some interesting elements within the book that suggest possible prior knowledge of ancient historical events that are now being proven to have occurred. I find this interesting, but in no way does it prove a faith that was created based on Masonic principles of the mid 19th Century.

      You are correct that Diana's story has changed and some information she has provided has not been correct. However, this does not disprove the journals whose veracity will either stand or fall based on their own merit or lack thereof. As I said, if we find something buried in the ground that was only known from the journals then it'll be party time.

      Until then, you would be wise to wait with patience my brother...

    9. Well, I'd suggest buying a fly swatter then. My story regarding how I acquired the journals has never changed even though some have claimed I stole them. What changed was the fact that I threw them away after being convinced they were fraudulent and didn't tell Scott for almost a year. When I threw them away I didn't know Scott well and had only met him 2x, and the other person in the equation - never, only on the phone. I'd heard all the good and the bad and hadn't learned to trust him yet. Yes, I made up a story as to why I didn't have them, based on something that had happened 10 years ago. But I was paranoid, scared and I panicked. I may have lied about that but I've never changed my story about how I got them, what they are or what they say. My interpretations have changed as I've gained more knowledge, but that's only natural. Life isn't perfect, I'm not perfect and never claimed to be. I could be Jeffrey Dahmer and it still wouldn't change the veracity of the journals. I also don't ask anyone to accept what I say without question. Read the book, challenge the sources, do your own research and decide for yourself. If nothing else, it will start a conversation.

    10. Ms. Muir,

      I am challenging the sources. Apparently, YOU are the source. As for written materials... YOU are also the source. At the very least the caretaker for them. IF...they are real, burnt, buried, thrown away, or whatever excuse you haven't deleted yet. The trolls you've invited upon yourself are like my grandmother, they save everything.

      If you were Jeffrey Dahmer... You'd be dead. He was beaten to death with broom handles shortly after being introduced into general population.

      I must say... You deflect your responses about as well as the usually blonde haired, blue eyed young men in khakis and a white shirt, knocking upon my door to discuss their cult. Did the LDS repackage Hitler Youth? Sure seems like it, when you make the mistake of answering your door.

    11. Anonymous,

      Being a troll is nothing to brag about. Diana has told you what she is going to tell you and that’s that. Be as skeptical as you want, but don’t come on here to make veiled threats and say stupid things.

      You apparently haven't figure out the journals and their questionable provenance are separate issues. If they continue to vet out and we can find archaeological evidence that came directly from the entries, it's done. Until then, clean up your act and be more professional.

    12. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The sources are clearly stated in the book that I've used to try and verify some of the information. No Wikipedia references at all. As for the rest, I'm sorry you feel you have to lash out at the Mormons. We're certainly not repackaging Hilter Youth and the two missionaries in my own ward are dark haired, brown eyed. In fact one is black. Please come back after you've read the book and we can talk about facts, not hate filled inuendos.

    13. I may have let my dislike for cults to get the better of me, however, I never, in any way, shape, or form make any threats. Veiled or otherwise. If you're referring to the Dahmer comment, I simply stated a fact. Ms. Muir brought up Dahmer herself. He was murdered within hours of being released into the prison's general pop. That's not a threat. That's actual factual documented history.

      It's hard to tell what the facts actually are, when everything keeps getting deleted.

    14. Anonymous,

      I'm well aware of what happened to Dahmer and will take you at your word about the threat. Diana made a mistake posting on the debunker's blog. I warned her it was hate blog so she deleted her posts and will not be back.

      She is happy to answer tough questions here as long as the discussion is civil and productive. Cool?

    15. Cool with me:
      Diana, you seem to be a very well educated person. Did you bring these document to a qualified historian or University for their opinion first and if so what was their response?
      Or was your first choice Scott and Hutton ?

    16. Actually I did take them to a major university with an archaeology and anthropology department. It's also a major research university. When I told them what I "thought" I had, they declined to deal with them because they didn't want to tarnish their reputation by dealing with fringe science. I was brought up in a very traditional school system that was aligned to national and state standards, always teaching the 'approved' curriculum. Although I was very familiar with colonial American history, I'd never heard of people like Farley Mowat and had no idea there were alternative theories of history out there. When the university declined to become involved, I sought out those some consider to be in 'fringe science' realm wondering if they could help. I contacted Scott way back in 2013 through Facebook. He didn't respond, because he wasn't on FB and didn't see it. I then reached out to someone from another show and although we traded phone messages once or twice it took a year and a half before I finally spoke to someone on the phone. Although we talked for 90 minutes and were in tentative negotiations, just a week or so later Scott called me. Someone close to me had shared some pics of the map with him and it piqued his interest. Scott turned out to be the best person to work with, concerning the content. He's been able to connect me with people who could explain what some of the entries meant, and other experts on the Sinclair family and cartography. He and Janet have been instrumental in backing up some of my own research and adding to it in areas I didn't understand. It also has nothing to do with the LDS church. In fact at the time I found the journals I was inactive in the church because I was working 24/7/365 on my online school, of which I was the founder. Even now I don't talk about it with church members because some elements go against church teachings. I made a lot of mistakes along the way but working with Scott was never one of them.

    17. Anonymous and all,

      I respectfully ask that readers refrain from cutting and pasting the text of my blog posts, or comments made by myself and others, on other blog sites. I know it's happened repeatedly and I want it to stop. It's unethical to do so without permission and just plain bush league.


  9. Scott, the last two years have been the most exciting ever. This is off the charts and will certainly be a great part of our history. It would be next to impossible to create a hoax this elaborate. I appreciate your diligence in following through on all this this information, There is a lot to get your head around but you have done a great job and more! Janet deserves a lot of credit for her contribution. She rocks!!
    There is nothing that will change the debunkers minds as they still have to come forward with even a bit of evidence to prove the KRS a hoax. All we see is speculation and nonsense. Let them sit and stew on this one. Keep it up pal, I am enjoying the ride! -- Darwin Ohman

    1. Darwin,

      The vetting process has had its share of exhilarating moments for sure. That night we read the entries that first time and realized it could only be the Kensington party he was referring to was a moment neither of us will forget. Even more mind-blowing was re-reading the entries the next morning and realizing we had missed the entry where the young Earl Henry had inadvertently recorded what almost certainly must be the name of the monk who carved the inscription. Simply amazing, if true...

      Janet certainly has made important contributions as has Past GM Terry Tilton. He is a true scholar and continues to help with the vetting process.

      The debunkers are irrelevant. Let's continue on with our work and if we find any one of the items mentioned in the journals they will be proven authentic even without the original documents Diana once had.

      Time will tell, but for now, buckle up and keep on having fun!

  10. ** 2500 BC Crete - Temple of Knossos

    God Proximo chosen to mix with Israelites to preserve the body
    Descending genetic line is held with the Herculean Sampson
    God Zeus chooses those who may pass to the city of Troia

    ** 1200 BC - Greece moves to Rome, Egypt to Carthage

    The Pillars of Hercules are established, Italy & Carthage
    Sicily is home to the new 'Gods' to preserve the mind
    Zeus' Deluge takes Olmecs from Thracian fields

    ** 1100 BC - First colonies established in America

    Templar Order is constructed from 'Temple of Knossos Guard'
    Cretan Guard lays the foundations for Scotland/Scandinavia
    God Mar chooses Indians who may pass north to Mesoamerica

    ** 754 BC - Gaul Knights fall, Rome replaces Villa Nova

    Thera - ringed fortress of Atlantis is constructed in Carthage

    ** 250 BC - Carthage falls in Punic Wars

    Mayan civilization begins from Phoenician sect

    ** 133 BC - Roman Zeus 'Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus'

    Governor of Carthage, last ruler of Spartans, emerging Pirate
    Religion of Thor begins with Alexander the Great's Persian kin
    Teotihuacan ends, Templar burned at Battle of Uppsala Sound

    ** 791 AD - Toltec civilization begins

    Islamic Portage to America from Western Macedonia (Africa)
    Moors brought to America to genetically improve Troglodytes
    Great Schism begins, church divides East & West

    ** 1002 AD - Alamo Incursion begins

    Ethnic cleansing of White People in America initiated
    Skraelingar and Stave Uprising halts travel to East Coast
    Viking Age comes to an end - 1068 AD

    ** 1325 AD - Aztec civilization begins

    Knights of Malta canvas the arena - Tenochtitlan
    Line of Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus evolves into pirates,
    Henry Bartholomeus to Henry Bartholomew to King Henry VIII

    ** 1438 AD - Incan civilization begins

    Teutonic Knights travel from Black Sea to Atlantis
    Capital of Byzantine Empire - 1453 AD
    The Punic Wars continue with Spanish Invasion - 1492 AD

    ** Atlantis falls - Line of King Henry goes to Ireland & England

    * Skeptics obtain jobs, for history is written by the bloody victors
    * Skeptics ignore Mesoamerican pyramids as fact
    * Skeptics ignore Mars' Equatorian caves as fact
    * Skeptics ignore Greek Temples tossed in ocean as fact
    * Skeptics deny Grecco-Roman war exists because conquering forces burn or confiscate libraries so no evidence exists
    * Skeptics deny Vikings ever existed in America because they keep finding ancient keels buried all over the eastern coast

    Who wants to know where the Templar treasure is?
    Who wants to know where the last Holy Grail was found?

    * I'm a skeptic with evidence that proves me wrong.

    1. Eirik,

      Your overall point about interesting and important history having been suppressed by the RC Church and other intellectually oppressive regimes is one that must never be forgotten. Their efforts continue in earnest today as evidenced by dogmatic, nonsensical and persistent debunker mentality that hounds anything that challenges the narrative. That fact in itself is powerful evidence we are on the right track.

      On one of the Sinclair blog sites a question was asked if there was any information in the journals about William "The Builder" Sinclair and Rosslyn Chapel. The answer is yes, but that story will have to wait for the proper time.

  11. Oh yeah I forgot...

    Do you know why the Oak Island pit never yielded treasure?

    It's because they are digging in a latrine! When you have 100 Vikings who haven't had a proper bathroom break over their long voyage from Greenland, you really gotta go. Archimedes designed a boring screw to bring in ocean water to create a septic system so the water around the island didn't become polluted.

    1. Eirik,

      The reason the island has never yielded any treasure is because there wasn't any treasure there to begin with. Truth be told, even if there was treasure there at one time it was recovered long ago. However, according to the Sinclair journals, there was no Templar treasure hidden there. Further, the Templars would NEVER put all their eggs in one basket.

      Did anyone ever consider OI was a decoy site? If so, it has and continues to work to perfection.

  12. Mr. Sinclair,

    I can only assume from your post that you are familiar with Michel Cerveau-Foutu's research on the genesis of the Canadian Maritimes Cod Fishing Banks?

  13. There are many assumptions one has to make to believe in this. Each assumption would constitute a separate claim that requires ample evidence, especially given how unlikely they are, even individually.

    Here is just a partial list. That the Knights Templar had interest in explanation despite a mission statement that had to do with Jerusalem and related areas. That they knew the American continent existed. That they wanted to go there for some reason. That they could. That they did. That Sinclair was with them despite existing some time after they were suppressed, tortured, and killed. That he kept a journal (not, say, a subordinate writing in his name). That it was accurate. That it was copied, accurately, probably more than one time. That both the originals and the copes were in Latin. (Medieval Church Latin? Roman Latin? Some hybrid?) That the original or a copy was found. That it was translated accurately. That we can't verify all this because the originals or copies or whatever they were, mostly were destroyed. That we shouldn't be particularly alarmed by that.

    -An Anonymous Nerd

    1. Nerd,

      First off, the veracity of the journals is not a matter of faith or “belief”, it’s a matter of evidence. Second, “unlikely” is your opinion and taints any further comments you makes. Right off the bat you are not showing the attributes of an objective investigator.

      You are incorrectly framing the argument from the outset saying the only mission the Templars had was focused on Jerusalem. This is false. Jerusalem was only part of their long-range plans. It served as a base of operations for less than a century and when they had rounded up what they came for they gave it up. The plan was always to establish the sanctuary in North America.

      Of course they went there for a reason, it is clearly stated in the journals which you obviously have not read yet. It is also obvious Earl Henry wrote his entries as it was his obligation that becomes apparent upon reading them. Fugitive Templars that survived after 1307 and fled to Scotland were protected by the dominant clans after serving in Bannockburn. However, since they had been outlawed the order began to evolve into something different. For example, celibacy demanded by the Church was no longer necessary and to continue they had to procreate.

      I have personally examined some of the originals and am convinced they are copies of older documents. I have also seen the lambskin map which appears to be original. Regardless, we have already found errors in Diana’s translations, but they are minor. The vast majority of her translations appear to be good. The overall story is cohesive and consistent.

      To even make a claim the Templars didn’t know about North America, or that they couldn’t get there, is pure nonsense. They traveled to the “Western Lands” frequently, they just didn’t tell anyone about it.

      Until now.

    2. "western Lands" = Cod Banks, BAM!!!

    3. Fishing for Cod was the cover story of course...

    4. It goes far far deeper than a cover story. But we both know that.

    5. Absolutely, this book is only the beginning of a much bigger story.

    6. Part of the story can be found in comparing proto-Beothuk language and European languages to explore the similarities in vocabulary concerning cod fish and associated fishing technology and food preparation strategies.

    7. You make good points here. Earl Henry makes mention of the indigenous people speaking Gaelic words. I'm sure there's a lot more to be mined there.

    8. Yes, fishing for 'white fish' (cod) was the cover story and on all trips he made to the Americas they brought back cod for their families. Henry did mention that they understood some Gaelic and Latin words, which they must have learned from previous voyages. It would be interesting to investigate the indigenous languages and see how they might have been influenced by the Basque, Europeans and Vikings who may have visited there.

  14. And yes, they were in Latin, to begin with, with some Scotch-Gaelic words sprinkled throughout. Later ones were in Old English and the last ones were in fairly modern English.

  15. Bro. Wolter
    I wonder if you are familiar with First Templar Nation by Freddy Silva. Interesting book covering the Cistercians and and "proto-Templars" (i.e. pre-1119) from France who apparently helped spearhead the independence of Portugal (1128 and 1139), among other things. Financing likely came from what they found in Jerusalem. Potential documentation is referenced within and would support the ideas. I'm skeptical but it's nevertheless absolutely fascinating if true.
    Bro. Scott Durgin

    1. Bro Durgin,

      Yes, I am familiar with the book, but haven't purchased it yet. Sounds like a must read. What the "proto-Templars" found under the South Wall in Jerusalem is detailed in another controversial document I call the "Cremona Document", that has recently came to light. This items are specific and important, but does not encompass what we know they compiled during their time in the Holy Land. What those items were will become known in due time. The point is, the Templars obtained treasures in other countries in the region in the Twelfth Century. There is vast trove of previously unknown medieval Templar history that is only now coming to light.

      I plan on posting a blog about Donald Ruh's book detailing his nearly half century-long experience with the document in the coming days. I have worked with Don, and others, investigating the Cremona Document for the past thirteen years and am 99.9% convinced this Templar story is also true. What is truly amazing is these two sets of documents, from two unrelated sources from two different modern time periods, independently corroborate each other. It's going to be an amazing period of revelations, one way or the other, in the next couple of years.

  16. I know that when the "Jack the Ripper" Diaries came out, one of the big tests done on them to prove they were hoaxes were ink tests. Has there been any Thin Layer Chromatography or Gas Chromatography done on the lambskin map? Carbon dating would be a big help as well.

    1. Jeff,

      This is a good suggestion and we are planning to perform these and other tests. We just have not done them yet.

  17. Scott,

    Have you done any research on Mounds Park, MN? I was told a Templar shield was found there. Also, it is the site where the Normans took out the last of the Viking ships travelling up the Mississippi. Out with the old guard and in with the new guard.

    1. Eagle Feather,

      Yes, I have been to Mounds Park, but never heard the story about a Templar shield being found there. If so, I wonder if it resides as a sacred relic within the Ojibwa?

    2. I've also heard of Viking artifacts being found in the mounds down the Mississippi and also in Tennessee. Makes me want to get out a map of the US and put pins in places where Viking artifacts have been found. I know a few on the St Lawrence River and the legend of Ronyawaya but need to do more research on that subject.

  18. Have to throw this one out there...

    People in blogs typically are skeptical of everything, thus the term skeptic. Therefore, if I asked if a T-Rex ever existed, skeptics would say no there is no documentation. If an archeologist says he has fossils, then the answer is yes the T-Rex did exist. Yet, no skeptic ever says, it was a large alligator that was caught in a mud slide that gave it its signature shape. My personal belief is that people are very well informed and know the truth. Skeptics are simply in charge of getting rid of the old and establishing the new.

    Thus, we have evidence. Through my studies, it is easy to point out the time loop which shows up over and over throughout history. Such as the golden fleece... something to send the old out to get, so that they would get killed. Therefore, we have the Holy Grail in medieval times. That which the Knights whose bellies grew with their power were sent out to find, which most ended up getting killed by a larger force (ex. indians) rather than succeed with their technological superiority. A few Knights would be successful and would then be reborn, a.k.a. resurrected. The Holy Girl. When interest waned, a champion would find their prize. In modern times, we have men chasing after other things of interest. Whereas, the Oracles, Mary Magdelene, Lady Liberty, etc. sent their men out on their quests to die. And a new breed would then replace the old with a new breed which was skinnier, had more hair, more to the liking of women. History erased, because no one wants to advertise that they killed their own family.

  19. I've been following some of the Facebook posts and I'm constantly amazed at the people who criticize the book without even having read it. It speaks of a closed mind. I hope that everyone will take the opportunity to learn something new and withhold judgement until they're read it. After all, I'm not asking people to accept it line hook and sinker, but to read the entries and the research backing it up and to make their own decisions. I hope everyone will accept the challenge!

    1. Dr. Muir,

      Did you encounter any references to cod or cod fishing technology in the parchments? Or any such terminology that may have been secret allusions to these?

    2. Oh yes, several references in the journals. Plus when learning more about the Orkney culture there are numerous references to fishing for the white fish in the western lands. Usually they went as far as the western side of Greenland, but with all the artifacts around the Hudson Bay, it seems they went much further. One of the journal entries even refers to one of the Scots teaching them how to use nets.

  20. Ms. Muir,

    With all due respect I suspect they are less criticising the book itself than the rather curious circumstances. You decided it was a hoax and threw it away, then decided it wasn't a hoax and translated it. Surely you can understand how curious that sounds?



    1. I totally understand their skepticism. Actually I translated them before throwing them away. Someone I trusted and respected on one of the Sinclair websites told me they had to be a hoax. Otherwise the Sinclairs would have known about them. At the time I didn't know as much about Sinclair history, Orkney (had to look it up on the map!) or anything at all about Templar or Freemason History. There were entries that I couldn't understand so when someone told me they had to be an 18th century hoax, I believed them. I'd heard the stories of how the finder of the Kensington Rune Stone was maligned and how others who have found things have even committed suicide. I didn't want to be 'that' person who perpetrated the biggest hoax in history. So I threw them away... I didn't want to deal with the backlash. However, I still had the translations. I actually didn't tell Scott I'd thrown them away and kept hedging when he'd ask me for the originals. When I finally told him, he walked away for a while. It was the worst mistake of my life, but I think he understands now why I did it. Now that we've been vetting the people, events, places and references in the journals, I know they're real. Some of the the things written could only have been written if you'd been there at the time. We've yet to find any red flags although there are some things we can't prove because there are no records before 1600 in Orkney or Scotland and what few are left are very sketchy. I think as more of the journals are printed you'll see the extensive research we've done to try and identify some of the people and events.

    2. I don't feel it is productive to agonize over what we can't change. As Diana said, over the past 2-1/2 years of intense vetting we have several yellow flags (questions without answers), but no red flags that suggest something nefarious. That said, while the immense quantity of specific and detailed information makes a hoax virtually impossible, final confirmation can only come if previously unknown sites and articles are found, in proper archaeological context. If they are found, then we have to completely rewrite the historical narrative of how the United States of America was founded.

      If I were the academics, I'd get my keyboard ready.